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Scholarity science lab (junior) and its affiliates including, but not limited to, the company that develops and maintains (hereinafter referred to as "Scholarity science lab (junior)" or "we") are committed to ensuring the privacy of confidential information submitted on (hereinafter referred to as "website"). We will ensure that users account data is collected, stored and maintained based on this Privacy Policy.

Usage of Definitions:

Below are the definitions referred in this Privacy Policy.

  • Company referred as "The company" which maintains the Registered website and is referred to "Scholarity science lab (junior)" or "we".
  • Users here refers to the Registered Users of company website who are accessing the services.
  • Account here refers to the Users Account of this website.
  • Personal Data is the information collected from the user for identification.
  • Website or Domain refers to the company website

Personal Information and Its usage

Data Storage

Scholarity science lab (junior) collect and store data required for the Application to identify the user and refer the name wherever necessary like Exam Result and Dashboard welcome page.

Sharing of Information

Scholarity science lab (junior) does not actively share any user information with third parties, irrespective of whether the information or correspondence was made online or in person. However, in the following circumstances, Scholarity science lab (junior) reserves the right to disclose any content, records, or electronic communication:

  • To comply with any law under Indian jurisdiction
  • To protect the rights of Scholarity science lab (junior), or its associates, users, and employees

Contact Information

  • Scholarity science lab (junior) collect data like username, password and other details are stored in a secure database, and every effort is made to ensure the security of all data. Users are advised to exercise common sense in choosing and maintaining passwords. Scholarity science lab (junior) will not be held responsible for the loss or compromise of user names and passwords.
  • Scholarity science lab (junior) undertakes to not send any unsolicited emails to users, and if they are sent as part of a chosen automatic response, Scholarity science lab (junior) undertakes to provide a simple way to unsubscribe from the emails.
  • Scholarity science lab (junior) will not, under most circumstances, share user details with third parties, unless specifically so requested by the user.
  • Scholarity science lab (junior) will not transfer your data to any other country data servers and are solely maintained and used by our company only.

Visitors Data

Scholarity science lab (junior) web servers, as part of their routine logging, may record information such as the IP address of the computer used to access the site, the web pages visited, the browser used, and the date and time of access. This information is logged as a routine measure and will not be disclosed to a third party.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are bits of information that a web site stores on the user's computer, to enable the site to remember the user when she/he logs in. Scholarity science lab (junior) uses cookies to ensure that users who log in are identified, and given a better online experience. If you allow cookies to be used, the following information may be stored by the web server: Username, Password, IP address, Mobile number and Email. If a user prefers not to save, he/she can disable cookies on the web browser.

Data Security

Users Data along with contact information is important to us. We ensure that your data is secured within our database and server which are behind the firewall and anti-virus.

Data Retention

Scholarity science lab (junior) stores and maintains users’ data for a certain period of time and will ensure that data is backed up and maintained separately for future internal reference only.

Data Deletion

Scholarity science lab (junior) will not, under most circumstances, delete user details unless specifically so requested by the user.

Deletion of User Information can be done in the following cases.

  • When the user request for deletion via email
  • When Scholarity science lab (junior) found that the user is fraudulent and misuse the technology.

Scholarity science lab (junior) users are not allowed to share, transfer or revoke content enabled for you and if proved doing such act will be punishable under the Court of Law.

Children Usage of website

Scholarity science lab(junior) can be used only individuals with above 13 years of age. Multiple accounts can be created only when children are above 13 years of age. If you are a parent or a guardian and you are not aware that your child has submitted personal information with us, please do let us know. Also, if we find that the submitted data is incorrect, we will delete data from our server with parents’ concern. All this process is carried out with parents concern only.

Contact Us

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